Get to Know Pro Staffer and Tournament Angler Patrick Tessier

May 26, 2022

I started fishing so young that I don’t even remember my first fishing experiences. I fished with my dad in the north of Quebec where I was born in Chibougamau. When I started fishing, I began with walleye, pike and trout. Back then my favorite fish was walleye. I didn’t know much about bass fishing at that time but now it is my favorite one to go for.

I really like two types of techniques, fishing drop shot with my St-Croix Legend extreme 6’8’’ MF fishing rod and reel Daiwa Tatula 2500. I use my live scope to find and chase the fish. The second one is top water action (popper). It’s my favorite because you can see the fish attack the lure this makes it even more exciting!

I have two kids and they both love fishing. I like teaching those fishing techniques in order to see them put it in action and catch some bass.

This brings up one of my best memory, it was when my son caught is first walleye. He though he was snag but his line started moving. After a couple of minutes fighting, we finished by hauling it in the boat and it was a big 6 pounders walleye. This moment was memorable and he still remembers it after all those years.

I chose to represent Minnow Tackle shop for these following reasons; First of all it is a local shop and they have an awesome choice of products. They are also open to customer’s suggestions and will order anything required. Secondly the staff is amazing, they will give you lots of good advises and suggestions on their products and even give you hint on spots to go.     

Patrick Tessier