New Brunswick Locals Supporting Locals

Oct 28, 2020

Here at the Minnow Tackle Shop, we are proud to carry a good variety of locally made products.

I’ll highlight some of our great local products for you today. 

Kyle Price of Fredericton

Kyle Price grew up in a small town on the banks of the world famous Miramichi River. He started his love of fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon at a very young age while going to the river with his grandfather. He started tying flies at the age of 6 and through the years has developed the ability to tie some truly immaculate salmon flies.

As a guide for some of the biggest lodges on the Miramichi, his knowledge and skill level for chasing the king of the river has become quite renowned to those that have fished with him. Kyle is providing us with some Miramichi Deadly Dozen fly boxes for Christmas, so keep your eye out or contact us to pre-order.

Also custom orders are available upon request so just let us know what your looking for and Kyle will make it happen. 

Dan Quinn

While we are talking flies, we have an excellent trout fly selection in stock thanks to local Dan Quinn. Anyone who knows Dan knows that trout fishing is his passion.

If you have any questions about fly fishing trout Dan is your man! He’s more than happy to give pointers and tips to anyone interested!

East Coast Angler

Do you use soft plastics and jig heads? Well boy do we have a treat for you! We are carrying East Coast Angler Steve Delaney’s’ Jerkz baits, eels, swim baits and much more! He makes soft plastics for all types of fishing but specializes in Striped Bass or Stripers. His 7-inch Jerkz baits have been flying off the shelves. 

Big River Baits

Speaking of soft plastics, we carry a great selection of senkos, tubes and much more from Alex at Big River Baits. Alex is local here to Fredericton and is extremely passionate about smallmouth fishing and fishing in general.

He also makes his own jigs using Gamakatsu hooks. If you’re looking for custom orders Alex is your guy!! 

Jason Willcox

We have some of the most beautiful and effective Musky spinnerbaits in stock at our shop. They are made by local Jason Willcox who has been musky fishing for more than 10 years. His spinnerbaits are responsible for catching 4 muskies that I am aware of and he’s only been selling them for a few weeks! Jason has also made some deadly musky Bucktails that are sure to get the fish in the boat! Besides spinnerbaits and bucktails, Jason also provides us with a great selection of musky flies. Yes, Musky Flies! Fly fishing for musky is a rather new technique but the guys are landing them, and the experiences are amazing! If you’re interested in custom orders let us know and Jason will be more than happy to make you what you want! 

Ryan Wickholm

Last but certainly not least, we have the now famous Wicky Baits made by Fredericton’s own Ryan Wickholm. These baits not only work but they are beautiful. These baits are made of western red cedar, stainless steel components, 1/8 Lexan lip double pinned to ensure it doesn’t come out, glass eyes and 5 coats of epoxy. Every Wicky Bait is water tested to make sure they swim properly.

They dive approximately 20 feet and are in my opinion the best trolling bait on the Saint John River. Ryan also provides musky leaders to the shop. If you fish for musky using his leaders are a must! Ryan’s Wicky Baits are flying off the shelves at the Minnow Tackle Shop so get yours while you can!! 

Well thank you for tuning into this post and as we highlighted some of the best local talent in the world! As a small business it’s important to support those who support you so remember shop local, buy local!! 

Happy Fishing