Sledgehammer Lures – 11″ Sledge

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Sledgehammer Lures 11″ Sledge

When jerking the bait it has a very distinct nose dive action.  The best results achieved for lure action & hook setting power have been with a medium to heavy Jerk Bait Rod.

This weighted version can be worked to a depth of 3 -4 feet. With a constant reeling and pumping action of the rod you will give this bait an aggressive chop style action with a zigzag dying fish presentation.

With high speed trolling the Sledge has a left to right sweeping motion. The Sledge can be trolled anywhere from 3 mph up to 8 mph and has delivered GREAT results!

Back wash trolling has also been very popular with this bait. Smaller Diameter line will also help the lure run deeper. The Sledge is made to last with high impact plastic and rattles.