Sturgeon Fishing in New Brunswick

Mar 31, 2022

We recommend using a heavy spinning Rod and 4-5000 size reel spooled with 50lb braid. Our most popular options are Penn, Daiwa and Okuma. Using a baitrunner reel can be an important advantage. This will allow the fish to take some line without feeling any drag!

We have the best luck with a fishfinder rig. Thread your sinker slide into your braid and tie on a swivel. From there, tie on 3-5′ of 30lb monofilament or fluorocarbon leader and then your hook. In New Brunswick barbless hooks must be used when targeting sturgeon, we prefer 3-5/0 Mustad circle hooks covered in juicy night crawlers. Depending on the current you’ll want 2-6oz of weight to keep the bait in place!

Now that you’re all rigged up, you just need to find some fish! “Sturgeon alley” is a great spot to try in the spring, but once things warm up and the fish leave their winterizing areas, they’ll move to sandy flats in 3-15′ of water.

Keep a close eye on your rod tip. They can be quite fickle and will sometimes pick the bait up and drop it several times before committing! And don’t forget to check your bait often because perch can steal your bait!

Pro tip: When sturgeon are feeding, it won’t take them long to find your bait. If you’re not getting any bites after a half-hour, try moving!


Jason Willcox
Pro Staff
Minnow Tackle Shop